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Final Exam

Page history last edited by Carol Hemmerly 7 years, 11 months ago

Arlingtonian Final Exam


All publication students:

Part 1 – 25% (33% for seniors) (except Business Manager)): Staff Letter

Write a letter to the student(s) who will have your position next year.  What advice do you have for them?  What would you like them to know about the position?  What “tricks of the trade” have you learned in your year in the position that you wish you had known earlier.  This letter should be approximately 1-2 pages in length, single-spaced. 

This letter is due Monday, May 16, 2016.  Please share the letter with me in GoogleDocs. Late submissions will be docked 20%.


Part 2 – 25% (33% for seniors): Donation Mailers

Students must prepare (1. Cut, 2. Label and 3. Organize (by zip code)) 30 pages of donation cards (there are four cards per page, so 120 cards) to be mailed to students over the summer. - We will start on these on Thursday, May 12.     •      DUE: Tuesday, May 17. 2016.

*Next year's BIG 3 will print all the donation pages prior to May 12 and then oversee the production of the cards through May 18.

PDF file

*Business Manager will complete the PS3602nz Post Office form. Google the most recent version of the form, then reference these two images to complete the form. Ask Hemmerly for help. IMG1  IMG2

The mailers should be sorted by zip, bound in stacks of 100, & ready to be mailed w/ PO form by Wednesday, May 18, 2016. 


Part 3 – 25% (34% for seniors): Digital Portfolio

Compile a Digital Portfolio of the work you've produced while on the Arlingtonian staff. Start with what you did for your Digital Portfolio on the Midterm, then add the additional photos, graphics, designs and stories produced during the second semester. For each addition to your portfolio, be sure to explain what the work shows about your growth as a publication student. 

Your digital portfolio is due Thursday, May 19, 2016.  Transfer the digital portfolio to the Journalism Server in the Digital Portfolios SP16 folder. Late submissions will be docked 20%.



 Part 4 – 25% (seniors are exempt): Arlingtonian Redesign*

1. Look through professional publications similar to the “section” you plan to work on next year.

2. Identify a common item OF CONTENT you would like incorporate into the section you plan to write in for next year.  (Solicit outside opinions.  Ask the current editors what they might have done differently if given the opportunity. Ask Hemmerly what ideas she has!) 

3. Develop a “vision” for how you could incorporate this CONTENT into Arlingtonian next year.

4. Design a infographic or “package” that would allow you incorporate this content into Arlingtonian for next year.

*Non-seniors who won't be on staff next year should conference with Ms. Hemmerly to develop an alternative to this assignment. These students can also e-mail me with ideas/questions.

Your redesigned package is due by the end of the exam period. 


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