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Indepth Reporting

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Indepth Assignment Spring 2013



Seven Characteristics of Indepth and/or Investigative Reporting


1. Statistical information and hard facts found through research

2. Corrects public misperceptions about topic

3. Several reputable sources on all sides of the issue

4. Evidence of background research

5. Objectivity and lack of bias

6. Examples of the problem through sources

7. Affects/makes an impact on the community


Will your story include all seven of these characteristics? If not, then re-work your topic and angle.




Story Examples


Teen Sexuality

Heroin in High School

Gay in UA: Breaking down barriers

Addicted to A's: Pills for Perfection



A breath on his own

USA Today: Why do we speed?


Story Example with Outline

A season torn apart


Packet: Conducting a Survey

Survey Overview


Packet: Computer-Assisted Reporting

Investigative Reporting and Technology




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