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SPLC News Stories


  • Advisers under pressure: Journalism teachers find themselves clashing with their colleagues

    • Things to  consider after you've read this story:
      • Do you think the UA community has an expectation for how high school journalists should cover UA sports teams?
      • After reading this story, how do you think  high school journalists should cover a UA sports team with a losing record? How about coverage of a school play that was poorly received by the community?
      • If you were a club adviser or coach at UA, how would you feel if a high school reporter wanted to do a story about a problem with your team or club?
      • According to the story, do Ohio scholastic journalists enjoy the full freedoms guaranteed under the First Amendment? Why or why not?
      • What should high school journalists be able to do when covering a potentially controversial story?
      • SPLC Attorney Advocate Adam Goldstein said it's not the job of student journalists or journalism educators to provide public relations material for the school. What does this mean?
        • What is the job of student journalists?
        • What is the job of journalism educators? 

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