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Arlingtonian Midterm Exam


The Arlingtonian midterm exam is Thursday, Dec. 18 from 10:10 - 12:05


Part 1 – 50%: Digital Portfolio

Compile a Digital Portfolio of the work you've produced while on the Arlingtonian staff. For each addition to your portfolio, be sure to explain what the work shows about your growth as a publication student. 

Your digital portfolio is due Dec. 18, 2014.  Transfer the digital portfolio to the Journalism Server in the Digital Portfolios WI14 folder. Late submissions will be docked 20%.



Part 2 – 50%: Publication Work - Choose one of the following options:


Option A – Sell an ad

• Completed ad contract must be turned in to Business Manager by Dec. 18 at 10:10 a.m.


Option B – Slideshow

• Create and post a slideshow on the arlingtonian.com website

- Slideshow must tell a story of something of interest to your audience

- All photos must have complete cutlines

- Audio is optional


Option C – Financial Update

• Create a report informing the class of the staff's current financial position 

- Current balance

- Project expenses

• Accompanying slideshow is optional


Option D – Design "Something Cool" for the publication

• Design must be based off something found in a professional publication

- Consider How to Steal Like an Artist, by Austin Kleon 

• Design must be a two-page spread, minimum

• Design must be pre-approved by instructor before you begin

• Design must be aimed at a specific type of story

• Layout resources:


Option E – Create an Infographic

 • Research and create information graphic package that could run on its own

• Inspiration

Infographic examples: Goodsheet


Option F - Create your own Midterm

• An idea of your own (pre-approved by Hemmerly)


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