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Dean v Utica Community Schools

Page history last edited by Carol Hemmerly 14 years, 10 months ago
  1. Dean v. Utica


    General backround/ relevant details:


    -Katherine Dean was a junior for her public schools' newspaper, Arrow

    -Dean's article was about a lawsuit pending against her school by Joanne and Rey Frances

    - Rey Frances died on July 7th from lung cancer

    - The Frances' lived next door to the bus garage

    - The garage fumes were hazardous to heath... said Joanne Frances

    - Principal was concerned about the article's use of unreasonable sources and sent the article to the superintendent who agreed.


    The court's decision

    - schools censorship = indefensible



    - newpaper limited public forum

    -school officials had never intervened in past 25 years

    - article was as good as professional paper



    -Helped student run newspapers and magazines

    - School officials can't regulate all articles just because they don't like, or agree with


    Works cited:


    National Scholastic Press Association




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