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Soundslide Examples

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  • New Kingsdale restaurants beckon students
    • created by Journalism I students in 2010, and a good example of my expectations for your final product (if you ignore the typos) 
      • note use of audio that corresponds with images as they're shown 
      • note complete captions for every image, including identification of all people in the images and providing additional, contextual information not already mentioned in the audio
      • note clear, well-edited photography that uses long-range, mid-range and close-up shots to convey information to viewer
      • note sophisticated use of four types of audio: voiceovers, interviews, ambient and natural sounds 
      • note storytelling nature of final product, with an introduction, three supports, and a conclusion that wraps things up 


  • A Day at the Dog Show 
    • created by Journalism I students in 2011, and a good example of my expectations for your final product 




  • Reinventing: Greg Oram
    • After 15 years as a commercial designer, Greg Oram sold his house and car and moved into a trailer on his uncle's lot to reinvent himself as a fine art sculptor. 

  • The Tree
    • saving older trees


  • Coming to America
    • man shares his experiences bringing his family to America from Iraq



  • Rhythm and Roots
    • a musical instrument provides the backdrop for one man’s remembrance of his homeland




Interesting, but not really what we're going for ...





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