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Theme Ideas

Page history last edited by Carol Hemmerly 8 years, 8 months ago

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Yearbook editors: Please edit/revise/improve upon these theme ideas at will.  The wiki keeps an archive of changes if we want to go back and look at the original idea(s).  Also, if you want to totally revamp a theme, copy and paste it into a new "block" and revise it from there (that way we still have the original idea to which we can refer).  —Hemmerly




We meet at a crossroads.

The past is behind us.

Our future path lies ahead. 


SUMMER: Exploring the open road

AUTUMN: Beginning a new journey

WINTER: Discovering your path

SPRING: Nearing our destinations

PEOPLE: Converging lives




Opening: UAHS is a quality school ...

Section Spinoffs:

Idea A) organize book by qualities of the school


ACADEMIC: educational

PEOPLE: gregarious

SPORTS: spirited


COMMUNITY: supportive


Idea B) organize book by "quality" words

PEOPLE: equality 


Common Threads (or A Common Thread)

Opening: Our lives at UAHS are inter-woven to form a tightly-knit bond (a bond that will last beyond high school).


Section Spinoffs: organize book by types of threads, or weaving of threads, or


FEATURES: the fabric of our lives

PEOPLE: Weaving friendship





Opening: There is a first time for everything, and High School is filled with firsts


FEATURE:  First Glance ?

SPORTS: First Place

PEOPLE: First Impressions

COMMUNITY: First in line  

Chronologically Organized

Opening: Something about how our lives progress on a daily basis, with each experience building on the next throughout the year ...


Organize sections by month?  Or organize the entire book by week, one spread per week of school? 


A Golden Opportunity

Opening: High School provides a golden opportunity to explore new interests, find yourself, and make lifelong friends.



FEATURE: Opportunity Knocks

SPORTS: Going for the Gold

PEOPLE: Time to Shine

COMMUNITY: The Golden Rule 




Opening: Our words ...; Power of Words; Meanings of Words (multiple, or connotative / denotative meanings); Choosing our Words


FEATURE: What's the Word?

SPORTS: Words of Support (?)

PEOPLE: My Word!

COMMUNITY: Word on the Street 









































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